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Discussion created by enzensbe on Sep 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by benvousaime

i am able to create a tile package (tpk) using ArcMap.
If i rename for example test.tpk file to test.zip i am able to extract
the package.
but within the L0-Ln folders i see files like R0000C0000.bundle and R0000C0000.bundlx
how can i extract the png tiles from this files ?

is it possible to create such tile packages using ArcObjects sdk ?
i know the MapCruncher sample, but with IMapCooker it is not possible to set
custom tiling scheme like in ArcMap.

Maybe by using a Geoprocessor tool ? any samples avaliable ?
maybe ArcGIS 10 Toolboxes/Mobile Tools/Create Mobile Map is what i need, but i am afraid, this tool does not
work with mxd files, only ArcServer connection, right?

in general i am looking for a solution to create a map cache using own tiling scheme (openstreetmap) from an Mxd file,
any suggestion welcome,
br, enze