Split Line at Points

Discussion created by crazymatt on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by crazymatt
I am using Split Line at Point as part of my workflow for a certain project and I'm trying to save myself some time. The problem I'm having using this tool is that it doesn't always split the line in the order I want it to. For eample, I'll have a polyline that I want split into five based on four points. It will split the line fine into the five segments, but when I open the attribute table and select them, they often out of order. I need to assign attributes to each segment after the fact, and it would be much easier if they were split in order (i.e from one end of the line to the other). Does anyone know if this is possible without doing an excessive amount of programming? To me this seems like the logical way for the tool to work, but it doesn't. It just adds an extra annoying step my workflow when I have to figure out what order the line segments are in, and currently keeping me from automating this entire process.

Thanks in advance