Feature Service updates to KML

Discussion created by jpacosta on Aug 28, 2012
We have an ArcGIS 10 service with capabiltiy for kml and feature service editing. We have an interactive map for street closures built using the Bing Map AJAX SDK that consumes this kml service.

We want the street operations department to maintain the content on this map so I put together another interactive map using the ArcGIS javascript API sample code for editing this same feature service. I grabbed the sample code that uses the editor widget. This solution works great, but I dont know how to get the KML to show the newly added or deleted changes in a timely manner. Clearing the AGS cache was not a solution... the changes didnt show up until the next day.

How can I control the time it takes the kml to reflect that changes that were made to the feature service? This is running on an Amazon EC2 instance with SQL Server Express.