ESRI map as overlay

Discussion created by enzensbe on Aug 28, 2012
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our GIS application works with online maps like Openstreetmap, Google, ...
as basemap.
For this we do not use any ArcObjects stuff (own framework).
Now we like to display ESRI maps as overlay.

What would be the best way to load an ESRI mxd file an display the content
over our  basemap ?

I tried to develope a windowless ArcObjects class, loading an mxd file
and use IMapServer interface to export the map as png image.
Then i use the png image as overlay.
This works but i think, it is not the best way, also performance is not good enough.

Is there a way to load an mxd file and request an image depending on scale and envelope values?

We do not have ArcServer, i am searching a pure ArcObjects solution !

any suggestions welcome,

thanks, enze