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Eclipse 4.2 Android SDK installation via Software Center

Question asked by elueders on Aug 28, 2012
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I tried to install the ArcGIS SDK for Android in my Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) installation on MacOS X.
In Eclipse 4 the standard Plugininstallation was replaced by the Software Center so the installation tutorial does not fit this anymore.

What I done is:
- Downloaded the SDK
- Opened the Software Center in Eclipse
- Openend the Software tab
- Clicked on "add site" in Browse Software section
- Entered the Name and clicked "Add from Local Folder" to select the Path where the SDK was extracted

When I click ok the SDK shows up under "My Software", but I can't create a new Project with the Project type defined in the Hello World Tutorial. (I tried to restart Eclipse already, but with no luck...)

In the installation tutorial is a point that mentions: "In the next window, you'll see a list of the tools to be downloaded."
But I haven't seen anything like that in the Software Center installation and nothing was downloaded.

Does anyone got the SDK running under Eclipse 4.2 and can tell me what to do, or does anyone know if it's even compatible?

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