Creating a featureclass in a script and using that to define a feature set schema

Discussion created by MarcG_NZ on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by clthompson
Hi guys,

I am trying to write a script that does the following:

1. Create a file geodatabase from scratch with some parameters provided by the user (name, folder location)
2. Create a featureclass in that geodatabase
3. Add fields to that featureclass
4. Allow the user to digitise a feature to input into that featureclass using an interactive "feature set" as a parameter.

However I am scratching my head as to how to do this.  I need the script to create the geodatabase and featureclass before the user input screen shows up, so I can use the featureclass as the schema for the feature set input.

Do I need to write two scripts, one to set up the geodatabase and another to do the data capture?  I'd like it to be as seamless as possible.