MapInfo Integration-Conversion ArcGIS

Discussion created by gissolutionsdenver on Aug 27, 2012
We currently use MapInfo as a "middle platform" to send request and view tabular data using a series of buttons that call MapBasic code. The GIS data is created and staged in ArcGIS, and then we use MapInfo to create the TAB and MAP files necessary to display the features.

The MapBasic code sends and receives the requests to integrate to DW surface water simulation model, a complex set of tools written in FORTRAN.

I wanted to ask the community if anybody:

a) has integrated, and how, MapInfo with ArcGIS, in particular reading SDE or PGDB's as well as the table of contents configuration.

b) has migrated the MapBasic code to ArcGIS (we are upgrading to 10.1), what language you have used and the effort it took (25,000 lines)

c) has use Qt as an alternative for MapInfo as well as ArcGIS

My goal is to 1) stream the process to bring the data currently hosted in ArcSDE and in a PGDB to MapInfo, 2) easily configure MapInfo to view the data in similar fashion as a MXD, and 4) find alternatives that may integrate better and speed the process.

Any ideas are welcome. Thank you

Diego Portillo, GISP
Denver Water |