Offline shapefiles rendering

Discussion created by fedeori on Aug 25, 2012
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Hi everyone,
I'm new to Arqgis and I'm working on a school proyect. It is a mobile GIS, and the objective is to develop it for Android, Windows phone, and J2me.
The proyect consists mainly in public transport (BUS) information, though we(me and my partners) want to add it some useful funcionalities. It will be completly free, and it will be aviable for citizens and tourists.

Well, the problem is that most people don't have internet on their mobiles when they are not in a wifi area, and the people that have internet probably drive a car and don't need buses. So we want to the app to work offline, but i'll work online too, so it will be posible to have more accurate information and maybe other services.
We got the city maps(from the city goverment), with diferent layers like bus stops and bus lines. Those maps and layers are in shapefiles. I read aboud offline functionalitys in the sdk but i think they were about caching. So My questions are:

Is it possible to render those shapefiles on the phone with ArqGis SDK for android? And for winph/J2me?
If it is not possible yet, will esri add this funcionality in short term?

Thank you in advance,
Regards, Federico