Navigation between Forums, Ideas and Support pages.

Discussion created by rfairhur24 on Aug 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by jbarry-esristaff
Why is there no direct link between the Forums and the Ideas pages.  The Forums is where I get my ideas or hear about ideas I would like to vote on and the Ideas page is often a subject I want to comment on or post a link to in the Forums.  But to navigate to each I either have to store them in my favorites or navigate through at least 2 other home pages to get to each.  And the Ideas page has no real links back to anywhere, so again it is to Favorites.  I spend 95% of my time on these two site of ESRI and Don't see why I need to go elsewhere to go between them.

Also, why can't I navigate back to the Support page from the Forums.  That is where I found out about the Forums in the first place and where I often login and it has links between the Forums and Ideas pages.

And why isn't Ideas part of the Communities page?  That is a vital part of Community participation.