Resizing info windows as percent and scrollbars

Discussion created by carvul on Aug 24, 2012
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Morning list this is Carlos Vulgamott with the City of Lakewood, Colorado.  I am new to the  ArcGIS JavaScript API and have a few questions regarding using window resizing percentages vs pixel size on popup info windows and adding scrollbars.  I am adding popup window info and the only method I can find for resizing is using the pixel value and I want to use a percent but it???s not allowed.  I would also like to add scrollbars to this info window but can???t seem to locate that method within the help.  So I am hoping someone could show me a work around or point me in the right direction.

//RESIZE ALL INFO WINDOWS map.infoWindow.resize(300, 300);
var infoWin = new esri.InfoTemplate("${ADDRESS}", GetMarkerInfo(addressID, section)); graphic.setInfoTemplate(infoWin);

Thanks for your time in advance and have a good weekend.

Carlos Vulgamott, GISP
GIS Coordinator
City of Lakewood