Geo - Partial Overlapping Links limitations?

Discussion created by vn1msu on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by RAnderson-esristaff
I'm attempting to create a realistic map of a fiber network by utilizing the 'initialize link vertices' From the Schematic Builder Properties.  Our fiber cables are derived from our communication maps that include highly detailed paths (I.e. lots of vertices and arcs in short lengths).  Many of our links, from manhole to manhole, are less than 200' and are not straight paths.  In some locations of our network there are several cables that share partially identical geometries and I want to separate these so I can visualize all of the cables in our network where overlap exists.  When I attempt to use the Geo - Partial Overlapping Links tools, no geometries are changed in the schematic and all cables stay overlapped.  I've attempted to change the parameters and cannot get any results by making the buffer/offset both larger and smaller.

I'm starting to wonder if our network is too detailed for the tool.  Is anyone aware of limitations to network complexity?  Any other ways I might be able to achieve the desired results?

Thank You!