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Discussion created by dbecker88 on Aug 23, 2012
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looks like web adapter is now replacing reverse proxies that were required in 10.0.

However, our reverse proxy (Apache2) is also a gateway so we can host several http & https sites on a single Public IP, so we have to keep it.

Apache2 (web server) (gateway)
..IIS (web adapter) -- (GIS Server)

IIS, web adapter & ArcGIS server all on the same machine.

In my case, the web adapter just hides the port 6443 from external users? Will this work?
Yes, I know LAN server -to- server https isn't necessary, but 10.0 server did not like authoring tokens over http, even though they were only http to the rev. proxy, then https to client.

https://gis.ourdomain.com/arcgis/rest/services <--external facing FQDN

reverse proxy to:

https://arcgis101server/arcgis/rest/services <--web adapter hiding port 6443 that GIS server is listening on