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ArcGIS Server local connections

Question asked by ldonahue on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by DCarroll-esristaff
I've read that ArcGIS Server 10.1 does not support making "local" connections via ArcObjects?

Is this considered a "local" connection?  Will this continue to work in 10.1?

    public AGSConnection(){          // Initialize server with impersonation information.  <domain> <username> <password>...         serverinitializer = new ServerInitializer();         serverinitializer.initializeServer("", "webservice_reader", "password");          try {             // Open a connection to server.             connection = new ServerConnection();             connection.connect("servername");              // Get reference to ServerObjectManager class.             som = connection.getServerObjectManager();              // Create a server context... <configName>,<typeName>             context = som.createServerContext("MyWebServiceNameFolder/MyWebServiceName", "MapServer");              // Get a MapServer object from the server context             mapserver = (MapServer) context.getServerObject();              // Get the Map from the MapServer object specified by the map (DataFrame) name             map = (Map) mapserver.getMap("Layers");          } catch (AutomationException ae) {             ae.printStackTrace();         } catch (IOException e) {             e.printStackTrace();         }     }

The .NET version:

I'm assuming this is what is being deprecated at 10.1?