Printing Tools (gpserver)

Discussion created by pthibault on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by ahoque-esristaff
I am working with teh export web map task utility.  in the 'web map as json' input box i have:

"href": "http://gistest2:6080/arcgis/rest/services/basemap/MapServer",
"width": 400,
"height": 400,
"extent": {
  "xmin": 533577.31183999323,
  "ymin": 931697.99341274076,
  "xmax": 895055.15751842246,
  "ymax": 1293175.8390911701,
  "spatialReference": {
   "wkid": 102715,
   "latestWkid": 2260
  "scale": 1041056.1955538762,
  "dpi": 300,
  "outputSize": [500,500]
  "titleText": "City Land Use Map",
  "authorText": "Print by: XYZ",
  "copyrightText": "esri",


The "format" input box I entered:  GIF
the Layout Template box:  (i left empty).

There is no error but the reponse back looks like "http://gistest2:6080/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisoutput/Utilities/PrintingTools_GPServer/_ags_251911304d08404c913ccdeb41b6f75c.gif" is always a blank map.  I know that the url to the map service works.  Can someone see something obvious in the syntax of the json string?