Getting Drawing Images (or URLs) for Non-Picture Marker Symbols

Discussion created by apfister-esristaff Employee on May 19, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2010 by apfister-esristaff
Is there any way to make a request for a layer's drawing information and get back the actual image (or url) for a Simple Marker/Line/Polygon/etc symbol?  This is easily done for a Picture Marker because the url is returned but for any other type, only the marker information is returned. 

I'm trying to use this information to create a dynamic legend TOC so I would need some image to use unless there is a way to construct the graphic from the info and turn that into an image?

For example.  This returns a nice image url to use:

This, however, only returns the graphic information:

What request is sent while using the Template Picker?  That returns an image for Simple Symbols....