Relationship Class Problem

Discussion created by mikeldub on Aug 22, 2012

I tried to create a Relationship Class in a new geodatabase and when I went through the wizard and got to the step where you choose the key fields, I get a blank drop-down for the second table.  Any idea why this would happen?

I think the real issue for me is that I'm unable to fully utilize the Relate functionality. I have points that represent traffic accidents and a table that has data on the individuals involved in the accident. This is a one-to-many relationship because multiple people can be injured in a single accident that has a single report number.

When I relate the table to the points, I have no problem. However, my end goal is to have points that represent each person in a crash, ie there could be a single location with more than one identical points each representing an individual involved in an accident that occurred there. How do I produce this from a relate? Every time I select the table with the data on the individuals I only get one point in the resulting selection for each report number despite there being multiple entries for that report number in the table.

any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated,

best, mike