Failed to start server machine.

Discussion created by eleanor_mclachlan on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by stevengriffith
Hi all,

We recently installed ArcGIS server 10.1 on a virtual windows server (2008 enterprise, 64 bit). This was a fresh install - we weren't upgrading from version 10.0.

Everything was working fine until yesterday morning, we came in and all the services were stopped. If I go to the ArcGIS server manager - GIS Server - Machines the server machine is shown as stopped. If I try to restart it by clicking the little play button I get an error: ???Failed to start the server machine. Could not start application server within stipulated time". I've checked the logs and they all either have this error message or "Failed to start the server machine. Server machine is currently being configured by another process. Please try again later". Although am pretty sure there weren???t any other processes configuring at the time.

Any advice/ suggestions would be hugely appreciated.