Viewing geoprocessed results in ArcGIS Services Directory

Discussion created by schmedly on Aug 21, 2012
Hi All,

Not sure if this is a flex issue or geoprocessing issue, but here it goes....

I have a basic geoprocessing model which performs a spatial select on a parcel layer and shows what parcels are selected (very basic at this point). The model/.mxd runs fine.

I???ve published this model as an asyncronous result map service.

I???ve tested this model thru the ArcGIS Services Directory, by inputting some coordinate input values. This runs fine and I can see the record count and attributes of the query.

First Question????????? Can I run the same request thru the Services Directory and see the results as a ???map result??? either graphic or layer on a map?

My FLEX app runs this map service as an asyncronous job and I can see the records/attributes of the request. What I can???t see is the resulting map image.

I don???t know if my published map is set correctly to display the map results (the reason for my first question), or if my FLEX app is not coded properly.

If I tweak my code and run a syncronous job, I can loop thru the results and shade the map correctly. I???m trying to use the asyncronous method because of the potentially large amount of processing. I???ve read just about all the documentation I can find and have tried numerous variations of coding, map service configurations, etc and still cannot get the results.

If I could test the results at the Services Directory and it works, then I would think my FLEX coding is wrong??????.

Any Suggestions?????????