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Discussion created by vulfig on Aug 21, 2012
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Can the ArcGIS Runtime for WPF (Runtime) be used to connect to online Geocoding Services served by ArcGIS Server?
I have seen documentation that seems to point developers toward using a Layer Package (.lpk) for geocoding with the Runtime, and I am interpreting the documentation to read that the geocoding indexes (data) is included in the .lpk which is deployed to every client.  I don't want the geocoding data and functionality to reside on the client, I want it to reside on servers.  Can you point me to some sample code for geocoding with the Runtime using ArcGIS Server, Bing, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, and / or other geocoding service types and providers?

Can the Runtime BASIC connect to the geocoding Services described above?

Can the Runtime BASIC use Map Services that are not served in the coordinate systems Geographic or Web Mercator Aux Sphere?
If so, what Service Types (ArcGIS Server, WMS, KML, other)?

It would be problematic and expensive for a software company to create different versions of software for each customer and customer type and customer location:

Can a software vendor generate one License Code Snippet that will work for all its Customers?
How does ESRI verify the Runtime Licensing?
Via any software mechanism?
Via the Purchase Agreement only?

How is the Runtime licensed in the cloud and other countries?
Can a software vendor use one License Code Snippet for all Customers in all countries and in the cloud?

Thank you!!!