Catch modification just before the Post

Discussion created by adedn2 on May 19, 2010
Hi everyone,

We are currently doing a workspace extension that needs to do some validations during the reconciliation process.

Right now, we have code inside the OnReconcile event that we can use to look at the differences, using a IDifferenceCursor. This is working really good.

Our problem is that, in ArcMap,  there is time between the OnReconcile and the Post where the user have the possibility edit conflicts(in the conflicts dialog). The thing is that this dialog displays AFTER the OnReconcile. So if someone modify something in the conflict dialog, we never catch it with our OnReconcile.

What would be good if there is a way to catch either:
-The conflict dialog results, so we can change what we did on the OnReconcile
-Something like a "BeforePost" or "BeginPost" so we can do all of this stuff just before the post.

ArcObjects are so complete, I can't believe this event doesn't exist. By the way, we develop using C++.


Jean-François Côté, ing. jr.
AquaData Inc.