problems with added callbacks in gp.execute

Discussion created by rpplanillo on Aug 21, 2012
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I have a problem executing some geoprocessing tasks through the REST interface. My ArcGIS Server is 10 SP3.

It's a little bit strange because until version 2.1 of Javascript my code works perfectly but since then (above 2.1) it doesn't work.

THe problem is that i'm not receiving the geoprocessing task results in the callback function and I don't know why....

This is the code:

    GetMapasBase: function(callerObj, OnCompleteFunction, OnErrorFunction){
        //erased code
         var params = {App_ID: String(this.appId), User_ID: String(this.userId)};

      var po = gp.execute(params);
      po.addCallback(dojo.hitch(this,function(results,messages){this.resultsStore.ListaMapasBase = results;}));
      po.addCallback(dojo.hitch(callerObj, OnCompleteFunction));

THe first callback works perfectly and there are results.

callerObj is the object that contains the onCompleteFunction and both are parameters of this function. In this second callback, the onCompleteFunction doesn't receive the results (undefined).

This same code works perfectly with 2.1 version, and doesn't work with 2.2, 2.3 .....

I don't know if something important has changed... i haven't noticed anything...

Could you help me with this?

Thanks in advance and best regards,