Serving Mosaic Dataset (Image extension) from NFS mounted directory

Discussion created by tom2275 on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by tom2275
So I have an Image mosaic with about 4TB of imagery stored on a NFS mounted disc.  I only have read only access to the images, but I've created mosaic datasets on the ArcGIS server machine, registered as a data store directory containing the filegeodatabase with the mosaic dataset and served it.  It seems to function fine when viewing the Overview images, but as soon as you cross the threshhold to where the raw data should display (accessed via NFS mount), it goes blank.  This same configuration worked in ArcGIS Server 10, btw. 

I've tried adding the NFS mount location as a datastore, but I get the error "Invalid folder location. Unable to access this location." 

Any suggestions welcome.