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Publishing FGDB Raster Catalog into Map Service

Question asked by erike on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by erike
I am trying to create a map service that contains several file based, File Geodatabase Unmanaged Raster Catalogs...
I have given my ArcGIS Server Administrator/ArcGISSOC/ArcGISSOM permissions to the directory where the file geodatabase resides. When I publish the map service, it publishes, and starts the service, but I get an error:

From my ArcGIS Server Manager Log:
The Layer:'X in Map:'X' is invalid. The base table definition string "X" is invalid.

Where X is may data layer, map TOC, and the name of the raster catalog.

The layers do not show up in the service when published. Does anybody have any idea as to what would be causing this? In the help:
It lists file based/geodatabase raster catalogs as supported. Only thing I can figure is that I'm missing some permissions somewhere.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as this will be a necessity for us.