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How to reset material attributes

Question asked by thyandrecardoso on Aug 18, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by thyandrecardoso

I've got a problem here :)
- somewhere along the rules I do something like
, and later I need to insert an external asset from a piece of geometry derived from the one where I did the color setting. Something along these lines:
 OnStart -->     color("#FF0000")     ContinueModelling  ContinueModelling -->     ...     Later  Later -->    split(x){       someAttr : NIL|       ~1: split(z){                 someAttr: NIL|                 ~1: NewAssetFootprint|                 someAttr: NIL             }|       someAttr: NIL    }  NewAssetFootprint-->        i(externalAssetWithOwnColorsAndTextures) // this inherits the previous color setting, done above; everything gets "reddish" !!       NIL. 

I need to reset the color attributes before inserting the external asset.
I think I've we can do something like set(material.colormap, "") to reset the textures. But what about color???
I've tried set(material.color.rgb, "") but without luck.

Any insights here?