Bitwise Or in Map Algebra under 10

Discussion created by rgreenenf on Aug 16, 2012
Good day,

We developed a custom geoprocessing tool under 9.3 as a DLL using Visual Studio .NET and ArcObjects. In porting this tool to 10, I discovered from Link that a Bitwise Or operator (||) does not appear to be supported in the new Map Algebra tool. Bitwise Or is supported by custom geoprocessing tools built in Python, but that does not help those who need it directly in the Map Algebra tool dialog or, in my case, in an ArcObjects program! I also noticed that there is a Bitwise Or tool, but it only takes 2 inputs and we have more than that...

I do use Python heavily these days, but am not thrilled about the idea of converting a fairly major piece of work from ArcObjects.

Have I understood this issue correctly? Is anyone aware of workarounds other than converting to Python?

Thanks in advance,