Drawing Oddities - Possible bug?

Discussion created by stevengriffith on Aug 15, 2012
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I've noticed some oddities in v3.1 and the Chrome browser since upgrading. One of the most odd involves the drawToolBar and map panning. Panning the map is supposed to be disabled during drawing and re-enabled when drawing is complete. However, this does not always seem to be the case. In my application I'm seeing that the drawToolBar deactivation doesn't always re-enable Panning on the map. This seems to be limited to drawing with some types (POLYGON seems to be especially vulnerable), and never happens with other types (switching to drawing with EXTENT before deactivating actually seems to fix things).

You can reproduce something like this in the drawToolBar sample application ( by intentionally executing an extra toolbar.deactivate() in the debugger console in Chrome. What's truly odd is that executing the sequence

// breaks map panning

// does not fix map panning

in the debugger console does not properly re-enable the map panning while

// breaks map panning

// does fix map panning

does properly re-enable map panning.

Just to complicate things, Firefox and IE don't seem to display this behavior nearly as reliably as Chrome.

Have fun!

Steve G
County of SLO