Rank Locations by Proximity to Different Service Type Points

Discussion created by jlabate on Aug 14, 2012
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Dear All,
I have a simple objective of looking to rank a facility location by its proximity to six separate services offered at separate locations. So, for example, a facility that has 5 or 6 of these services within a quarter mile walking distance would be classed "best" etc. I have a decent street file that successfully built into a Network Dataset. My facilities file is nothing more than a buildings point file with no fields that relate to the line file. How do I create the relationship bertween the points and the street file? I'm looking to create fields in the building/point file such as "PosAlong; Side of Edge; SnapX; SnapY; Distance.

I found a toolbox online called Urban Network Analyst (UNA) - http://cityform.mit.edu/projects/urban-network-analysis.html. This appears to do what's required but I need to get my input buildings file in proper shape.

First: Is UNA even necessary? Is there an existing tool in the ArcMap toolbox that can accomplish the same thing? i.e. calculate "Reach"
Second: How can a point file be processed to "correspond" to a street network as I described above.

Thanks in Advance,
Jim Labate