Python Add-Ins onEditChange Function Enhancement

Discussion created by carrierkh on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by carrierkh
I have been working with python add-ins since the Esri UC and I am really excited about this new functionality.

I have run into a couple issues with the onEditChange function of a combobox.

1. I am iterating using a da.SearchCursor and appending results to a list. The only problem is the user has to manually press the enter key for the items to refresh in the list. Could there be some functionality added to handle refreshing the list rather than having the user press enter?

2. The text element in the onEditChange function does not have a length method. In my example I am trying to build a type ahead or intellisense functionality so as the user types the drop down is populated with possibilities. I was trying to wait and execute after the user enters a certain number of characters. So if I had something like

if text.length < 3:
      execute cursor

Then the cursor would only execute after the user enters 3 characters in the combobox.

Is having to hit the "Enter" key really necessary or is this a bug/limitation?

I realize I could simulate this using the win32api but I really want to try avoiding any third party modules in my code so if I share this there are no dependencies.