Does Spatial Data Server support time-enabled feature services?

Discussion created by MLundin617 on Aug 14, 2012
(I'm not sure if this is the right area for this question, so if it is not, please let me know.)

I'm working the the Spatial Data Server (SDS) in an effort to serve data from a PostgreSQL (PostGIS) database table. I have this portion of things working, and the geometry is being served, and I'm consuming it using the ArcGIS Javascript API. However, I'm hitting an issue when attempting to add TimeInfo to the feature service. I add the timeInfo element based on the documentation (, and I get a success message back, but it does not show on the service layer's definition page, nor does there appear to be a time entry on the query page.

When I attempt to use the time parameter in the query, it does not appear (from looking at the SQL logs on the PostgreSQL database) that it's querying the time field at all.

So, while I continue to try different things, I thought I would ask: is time supported at all in this configuration?