Create Histogram from DBF

Discussion created by avigis on Aug 14, 2012

This is the same question which I have asked here http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/31398/using-r-data-to-make-histogram-in-arcmap.

I have a DBF file:
ID simloglkhd
1.0000000000000 4.91801034912058
2.0000000000000 4.57170610071703
3.0000000000000 3.80317456668251
4.0000000000000 3.85015553371000
5.0000000000000 5.24170082588148

I want to create a histogram, but am having problems with the graphTemplate and the addSeriesHistogram function. Please visit the link for code and more details.

In the code there you will find the graph template as Default.SimplifiedChinese.tee. This is also not working if I do addSeriesLineVertical() and then call MakeGraph(). I am getting a blank graph in the bmp.

I would be very grateful for your suggestions.