layerinfo property fails when TiledMapService added to the map.

Discussion created by kangdon on Aug 13, 2012
Below code snippet is something that I use to set the QueryTask url propery.
I call this function at the map "onLoad" event.
Generally, this function works very well. And idea is that I would like to get the layer id by passing the layername.
Because, there's always a chance that I may alter the mxd by add, remove or change the order of layers.
Any way, this function seems to fail, as soon as I add a TiledMapServiceLayer. And I can not figure out why...
The TiledMapService gets be added to the map first before the DynamicMapService (MapLayer).
Anyone with this problem??

function Set_QueryTask_Layers() {
    var items = dojo.map(MapLayer.layerInfos, function (info, index) {
        if (info.name === 'LANDLEASE') {
            llqueryTask = new esri.tasks.QueryTask(servicepath + "/" + info.id);
        else if (info.name === 'County Zoning') {
            zonequeryTask = new esri.tasks.QueryTask(servicepath + "/" + info.id);
        else if (info.name === 'DOAPROPERTY') {
            propqueryTask = new esri.tasks.QueryTask(servicepath + "/" + info.id);


Don Kang