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Webmap basemap opacity not honoured

Question asked by samlarsen on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by samlarsen
I am consuming a webmap which has an opacity setting for the Bing imagery basemap.  The opacity value is being passed from ArcGIS Online in the webmap JSON but the arcgis utils library is not honouring this opacity value.

The webmap JSON in question is this:

    "baseMap": {         "baseMapLayers": [{             "id": "BingMapsAerial",             "opacity": 0.8200000000000001,             "visibility": true,             "type": "BingMapsAerial"         }],         "title": "Bing Maps Aerial"     },     "widgets": {         "editor": {}     },     "version": "1.6"

I am using version 3.0 of the JavaScript API.

I have reproduced this issue in the following sample:
Using the following webmap:

Is this a known limitation? Or is this the remnants of the following bug that has not been fixed?