Help - Hot Spot Analysis  on disease incidence

Discussion created by jvuvu on Aug 12, 2012

I am relatively new to Arc GIS and am profoundly impressed by its numerous capabilities. I recently opened an account with ESRI and have read and watched most of its free tutorials ??? Impressive!
I work in the oil palm industry and we have tons of agronomic data sitting around that I am sure can be used within ARC GIS to derive additional/ useful information.   I am at present trying to statistically determine ???HOT SPOT??? areas for Ganoderma Diseases within a plantation block. We conduct Ganoderma Disease surveys 4 times in a year (1 survey = 3 months).
What I have are GPS located points of palms having this disease in plantation blocks (block size = 30 hectares).  I need some direction / advice on how I should go about performing my analysis. Should I use KDE or GI*? Since it is point data, I believe I need to aggregate my data? if aggregating points then what is the distance I should use to determine my coincident points? (palms in this particular block are planted 9.5 meters apart).
I very much appreciate if someone can shed some light & hence helping me complete my task.