Reclassify problem, i.e. it does not reclass the data...

Discussion created by Dzibril1977 on Aug 11, 2012
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Hello all,
I have a peculiar problem with the reclass procedure of the Spatial analyst that I can not solve. In doing some least cost analysis I got a vector file of rivers and streams in a certain area that was not produced by ArcGIS but rather a different program. The vector shapes were given certain numeric values (i.e. traversability) to act as boundaries. I opened the shape file in ArcGIS 10 that I use and turned the vectors into a raster file using feature to raster procedure in ArcToolbox. Now, since the original traversability values that came with the vector file and were carrion into the raster I made from it differ from what I had in mind, I wanted to reclass them to new values so that I could incorporate them in the DEM of the area. But in doing reclass I keep getting the same error message, which is as follows:

Error 010302: Unable to create the output raster D:\My Documents...
Error 010067: Error in executing grid expresion
Failed to execute Reclassify

Does anyone have any ideas why this happens? The help file on both errors were not very usefull, as 010067 just states that there has been a syntax error in the map algebra expression, which I can not influence at all...

Many thanks in advance.