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Runtime geoprocessing troubles (geometric network tracing)

Question asked by MCederholm on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2012 by MCederholm
My goal is to create a Runtime app that works with a file geodatabase on disk outside of a GPK or MPK.  I can create and use the referenced MPK just fine, but I'm having problems with the GPK.

The GPK is supposed to perform tracing on a geometric network.  Following the Network Analyst example, I created a model with flags and barriers set up as feature set model parameters, and set the geometric network as a model parameter.  When I run the model in ArcMap, it works fine.

From there, I created a GPK using the "Package schema only" and "Support ArcGIS Runtime" options.  But when I create a LocalGeoprocessingService with the GPK, the REST services URL comes up blank in the browser while the app is running.

What am I doing wrong?