Spatial Join won't accept line feature class as join feature

Discussion created by shawndevereaux on Aug 10, 2012
I can't figure out what is going on with my model since I have made no changes to it and it worked yesterday with no issues.

I am doing a spatial join with a POINT feature class as the target and a LINE feature class as the join.  I'm using the CLOSEST match option and the JOIN ONE TO ONE join operation.

I can set the point feature class as my target but I can't use my line feature class as the join. FWIW, I can't set it as the target either. I get the 000810 error which states it isn't a valid feature type.  The model runs fine up to this point.  The line feature class is created and appears perfectly fine when I view it in ArcMap. 

I've checked all the steps leading up to this point in the model and everything works with no problems. 

Any ideas what is going on?