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Relationship Class

Question asked by sshepard on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by sshepard
I am having an issue with relationship classes when I have more than one layer referencing the same feature class.  If I have 2 layers in a published map that refer to the same dataset,  either for symbolization reasons or with different definition queries,  the services page will display the relationship correctly for the first layer:

   Layer: NotifPoints2 (ID: 0)
   ToNotificationData (8) -- Related To: NotificationData (9)

However subsequent layers show the layer relating to the first layer and not the table:

   Layer: NotifPoints (ID: 1)
   ToNotifications (8) -- Related To: NotifPoints2 (0)

I am trying to use the REST API to query the related table but is only seems to work for the first layer.  If I consume the service through ArcMap is seems to work for all layers.