edit of Measure tool

Discussion created by j.kowalczyk on Aug 8, 2012
Hi, i am using that Class for measure distances.
The problem is - I want to edit the measure Tool. For example i wanna delete some other distances and edit names.
I've noticed that in higher versions of JS API (>2.7) the text values of units of distances are translated on native webbrowser language. What I want is not to change version of an API to higher (because many things are not working).
Now, what is the best (or the fastest) solution to edit those text values and remove some text values of the dijit?
I'm not asking about functions like hideTool(toolname). It's for some other things.
I've considered two solutions:

- to overwrite class methods by prototype class.
- to search in DOM model values responsible for those value (i am searching but can't find it yet :) any help?:P)
OK, I've came across on those two, but maybe there are some better, faster (stronger?:) ) solutions?