ArcGIS 10.1 with Visual Studio 2010 Express

Discussion created by daungst on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by jhauck-esristaff
I have a custom tool developed using VB.NET in Visual Studio 2008.  With the upgrade to 10.1, I am now faced with having to upgrade the tool to Visual Studio 2010 in order to make it ArcGIS Compatible.  I installed VS2010 EXPRESS and cannot see the Templates in order to develop a Desktop Add-In.  I believe that this is because the express version does not include an option to create a New Project under previous .NET frameworks.  However, ESRI states in the 10.1 information that VS2010 EXPRESS is indeed supported:

"Visual Studio
At ArcGIS 10.1, .NET development using any edition of Visual Studio 2010 including Express is supported. However, development using other versions of Visual Studio is not supported."

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can develop a new ArcGIS Add-in, or at least upgrade my existion VS2008 project using the express edition?

Thank You!