Learning Visual Studio

Discussion created by bruce.nielsen on Aug 8, 2012
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This is a little outside the usual scope of this forum. I learned programming when users worked directly with a mainframe via a teletype (or cards), OOP was the singular form of "oops", and CP/M still had a chance of winning the war for control of these new "Personal Computers" against upstart MS-DOS. Since then I've taken courses from Microsoft & Esri to learn Visual Basic (VB6) & ArcObjects. Most of the rest I learned gleaning from here. (Thanks a lot, by the way. I try to +1 everytime I use something I find here.)

What I've never learned is how to utilize Visual Studio to its full potential. I'm sure that if I knew its capabilities in terms of versioning, code re-use, etc., I could create better programs. I'm about to move from VS2005/ArcGIS 9.2 to VS2010/ArcGIS 10. Does anyone have suggestions on books, websites, or 1-week or less training courses that would be appropriate?