esri sample doesn't work

Discussion created by auchenhui on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by felipejpa15

I met an interesting issue while using "esri.dijit.editing.Editor" class that in esri javascript api 3.0. Essentially, after draw a polygon using "Polygon tool", the attribute inspector pops up. From then on, I can't select any other existing features. It works mostly ok, though,  when use "Freehand Polygon"  tool to draw a polygon. Except that drawing with "Freehand Polygon" tool stops panning activity. Same problem happens to one of esri editor sample:

I have tried this sample both with IE 8 and Firefox and I got same issues as I described above.

Moreover, everything is all right when I revert esri javascript api to 2.8.

Has anyone seen the simliar issue before? Does "Editor" class has defects? Thanks for your help