The function ID is out of range

Discussion created by AlainBlaster on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by mousaem

I have code that has been working from ArcObjects v 9.31 through 10.0 for more than a year.
I just rebuilt it for ArcObjects 10.1 and all my feature queries are broken because...

ISQLSyntax.GetSpecialCharacter(esriSQL_WildcardManyMatch) returns null
ISQLSyntax.GetSpecialCharacter(esriSQL_DelimitedIdentifierPrefix) returns empty string

ISQLSyntax.GetSpecialCharacter(esriSQL_DelimitedIdentifierSuffix) throws a COM exception with message

The function ID is out of range.

The source is esriDataSourceGDB.SdeWorkspace.1
Error code -2147215854

Is anyone seeing the same behavior?
Is this something that is known to be broken in ArcObjects 10.1?