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Discussion created by ksjosh82 on Aug 7, 2012
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I'm having issues with a cached service that is supposed to be drawing on demand.  I precached to the current extent of the map which was basically my area of interest.  I've noticed that when I leave the precached area, they tiles are blank.  I have the checkbox Create tiles on demand checked on the Advanced Settings tab in the Service editor.  For the tiles in the current extent of the map listed, everything is great.  In 10.0 this option also worked, what do I have set that is not allowing the tiles to create on demand?  I would think that if somebody went to an non cached area in the Flex viewer that after a few minutes they would see the tile created.  I also have tried to get this to draw in ArcCatalog preview and by bringing the service into ArcMap, nothing seems to work.  I will attempt to cache another area that is not cached currently using an feature class and we'll see what happens and add the update here.

UPDATE: Well that update using the ManageMapServerCacheTiles tool and recreating empty tiles within a area of interest, did nothing that I can see.  I even restarted the service, cleared the internet cache viewed it in both ArcCatalog and ArcMap and nothing happened in these new areas at all.