Multi Thread Closest Facility Solver on .Net C#

Discussion created by obaris_akb on Aug 7, 2012
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I???m working on a ClosestFacilitySolver (Network Analyst) project on .Net SDK of ArcGIS Version 10.0. I have 1500 facilities and 40 million incidents. It did not work to solve closest facilities for all incidents.

Then I have grouped incidents by zones. First I worked on a single thread and it was solved for one zone (56.000 Incidents). But single thread solution did not solve my problem perfectly. Because I have 40 million incidents and I have to solve problem in a realistic time. So I need to work on multi zones at the same time. Then I tried multi thread solution but it did not work.

I need some advice for this problem solution and I need any sample or information about multi threading.

Thank you.