Data driven pages - elements on one page only

Discussion created by rosie_bell on Aug 5, 2012
I'm using data driven pages to export a large map as a PDF, so it can be emailed, then printed over six pages and taped together by the recipient.

We have standard information included on each map (scale bar, logo, disclaimer etc) I'd like to include this on one page only. Is there any way of doing this? At the moment, I have two mxds (one with static elements, and one without), and I make any changes to each, then export each as a pdf, then use pdf writer to combine. It's a clumsy and slow workaround so would ideally like to just use a single mxd.

ETA - is this possible with Python scripting? The tutorial below includes a script to move a data frame to different places on the page. Could I locate the elements off the page, then do something like
if page no is 4, then location of elementname is (insert coordinates).

I'm fairly inexperienced with Python though, so not sure if I'm on the right track... or how to take this idea further.