Coplanar and open edges

Discussion created by whitenorthstar1 on Aug 5, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by lendrom
I'm fairly sure this is impossible, but I have to ask.

Is there a solution in CityEngine to avoid coplanar and open edges on models?  When I split scopes away, it detaches faces from each other.  So when I import the models into 3ds Max, the model looks perfect.  However, the some of the polygons are 'floating', i.e. not attached to the polygons nearby.  It isn't a bug, I know, it is just the way the CGA rules operate using a shape tree.

Sometimes, I can weld 'floating' polygons together if there is a handy vertex nearby, but often there isn't.  Is there a solution for these orphan polygons, to avoid coplanar and open edges?

Just to emphasize, the models look perfect in 3ds Max and it isn't a bug.  Thanks for reading!