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Discussion created by geos_rfleet on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by geos_rfleet
Since the dateFormat defers to anyway, is there a good reason why it's been limited to only support the following:

  •     "shortDate":            "(datePattern: 'M/d/y', selector: 'date')",

  •     "longMonthDayYear":     "(datePattern: 'MMMM d, y', selector: 'date')",

  •     "dayShortMonthYear":    "(datePattern: 'd MMM y', selector: 'date')",

  •     "longDate":             "(datePattern: 'EEEE, MMMM d, y', selector: 'date')",

  •     "shortDateShortTime":   "(datePattern: 'M/d/y', timePattern: 'h:mm a', selector: 'date and time')",

  •     "shortDateShortTime24": "(datePattern: 'M/d/y', timePattern: 'H:mm', selector: 'date and time')",

  •     "longMonthYear":        "(datePattern: 'MMMM y', selector: 'date')",

  •     "shortMonthYear":       "(datePattern: 'MMM y', selector: 'date')",

  •     "year":                 "(datePattern: 'y', selector: 'date')"