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How can we hide and show AGSGraphicsLayer in iOS?

Question asked by kwawan on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by kwawan
Hy I am using  two AGSGraphicsLayers in my app one for normal features and Graphics and another for Routing graphics and routing results. I want to handle the situation that if routing is solved and routing graphics layer is populated, its mean now this layer have graphics. Now I go to normal app showing features graphics layer and not the routing graphics layer as they are both on the same map. so i use
// remove all graphics  [self.graphicsLayerRouting removeAllGraphics];  [self.graphicsLayerRouting dataChanged];

so the routing results are removed. Now I came back to routing case again, means the routing layer is going to add again with NO GRAPHICS. But i need the last routing result.

Now please guide me that what i have to do to show the last routing graphics layer?
any idea about
1. How to hide the graphics layer and show it again?
2. or how to save the last graphics in array or dictionary format and on next time how should I re populate layer with that array or dictionary.