API 3.0 and Dojo 1.7 - code assist in Aptana Studio 2

Discussion created by hubertlo on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by hubertlo
Until ESRI releases proper code assist support for JavaScript API 3.0 in Aptana Studio 3; I guess I am stuck with Aptana Studio 2 using the older 2.7 jsapi file for code assist. It seems there is no new information regarding Aptana Studio 3 support since late last year based on forum posts, is there any update since then?

Since I am fairly new to the ESRI JavaScript API (migrate from ESRI Silverlight API), I am probably forced to depend on code assist more than others on this forum. Here are few questions:

- Is there any plan for to release a code assist plugin for ESRI JavaScript API 3.0 for the older Aptana Studio 2?
- If there is no official plan to make a code assist plugin for the 3.0 API, is there any way to get code assist with the 3.0 API?

- In Aptana Studio 2, the JavaScript Libraries updates for Dojo only goes up to 1.3. Is there a way to get the latest Dojo 1.7.3 code assist to work in Aptana Studio 2. I notice the support is based on a file called org.dojotoolkit.dojo.1.3_1.3.00001.jar. Where can find a updated one of this file for 1.7.3?