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Moving Data between different network drives. How do I fix broken file paths?

Question asked by ianrdcrabb on Aug 2, 2012
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I have quite a lot of data (layers/Shps/mxd???s) saved in different places across two different network drives. Is there a way that I could just drag everything into one folder on one drive and run some sort of python script that will tell ArcGIS desktop10.1 to ignore the full file path of the layers and only look for the latter half of the file path in the specific drive/folder?
I would like to do this without changing the source of each layer as there would be almost a thousand of them.


Currently I have

M:\Planning\Development Plan\city sector.lyr
M:\Planning\Development Plan\city sector.shp
F:\Planning policy\Shapefiles\BDY.shp

I want to change this to

M:\Directorates\Planning\Development Plan\city sector.lyr
M:\Directorates\Planning\Development Plan\city sector.shp
M:\Directorates\Planning\Planning Policy\Shapefiles\BDY.shp

Basically I want ArcGIS Desktop to only search for data in M:\Directorates\Planning\ Every time ArcGIS tries to open an .mxd  that contains layer/shp/feature class files that had previously been located in M:\Planning\ or F:\ it will instead look in M:\Directorates\Planning\

Is there a way this can be done?